Tommy Davis regularly performs on six members of the saxophone family in collaborative,
multidisciplinary settings where he explores the integration of theatre, movement, electronics,
video, and improvisation. Tommy has benefited from the generous support of multiple arts
organizations across Canada who have supported his projects and allowed him to travel for
performances throughout Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and France.

Active in the Montreal contemporary music scene as a performer-improvisor, he is also a
member of the Montreal Contemporary Music Lab organizing committee and helps to plan a 10- day workshop for emerging contemporary artists with a focus on exploratory interdisciplinary collaboration. This experience continually reinforces his belief in the important role these opportunities play in young artists’ development as they work together, experiment, and grow in an open workshop context without rubric.

Tommy’s love for chamber music motivates him to focus on small intimate projects such as the Proteus Quartet, Duo d’Entre-Deux, Revolution Ensemble, and Ensemble AKA. Each of these chamber ensembles has a unique artistic direction which is encouraged by diverse collaborative projects providing continual artistic inspiration and energy. Active as a teacher, Tommy instructs individualized saxophone lessons at the Joseph-François Perrault school in Montreal and has a private studio at his home for all abilities. He is constantly inspired by his students and their accomplishments.


patin[age] depicts the physical transformation/deformation process of the brass alloy of my saxophone, as my chemistry alters the ever-changing shapes and structures of its patina. I explore the possible alterations of digitally processed and amplified sounds through the electrified copper pathway of guitar pedals to decompose, alter, and manipulate sounds in an ever-changing environment.