Paolo Perezzani

Paolo Perezzani (1955) is an Italian composer. He graduated in philosophy at Bologna University. Self-taught, he studied piano and became conversant with the great classical and modern composers by listening to and studying their scores.

After meeting Armando Gentilucci, under whom he studied for a year at the Istituto Musicale Pareggiato “A. Peri” of Reggio Emilia, he began to study composition with Salvatore Sciarrino in 1979. In 1982 he obtained his diploma in choral music amd choral conducting, and taught under Sciarrino at Città di Castello from 1985 to 1988. He was appointed in 1989 to teach harmony and counterpoint at the Mantua Conservatory, and between 1994 and 2000 was artistic director of the Reggio nell’Emilia ‘Di Nuovo’ Festival.

After initial and fragmentary attempts at composition, he began to write his first serious works in 1980. In 1982 his composition for two flutes and piano, Diario, was included in the Opera Prima Festival of Venice and in 1984 In quella vibrazione (for clarinet, viola and piano) won the Composition Competition of the Città di Castello “Festival delle Nazioni”. He also won the competition for participation in the International Gaudeamus Musicweek of Amsterdam in 1986 with L’ombra dell’angelo(for flute) and, in 1992, the International Composition Competition of Vienna with Primavera dell’anima (for orchestra); the latter work was performed the same year by the Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester, conductor Claudio Abbado, during the Wien Modern Festival.

The musical radio play Donna di dolori (on text by Patrizia Valduga), commissioned by RAI Radio Tre, was given in preview at the Acquario Romano in 1994 and broadcast the following year. His first “one-act music drama” Un beau jour on texts by Samuel Beckett was produced at the Ferentino (Frosinone) Europa Festival in 1997.

In 1992 he won the International Composition Competition in Vienna with Primavera soul (for orchestra), under the baton of Claudio Abbado. The radio music scene Woman of pain (with text by Patrizia Valduga), commissioned by RAI Radio Tre, was presented in a preview of the Roman Aquarium in 1994 and broadcast the following year. In 1997, Festival of Europe presented Ferentino (Frosinone) his first “music scene in action” A beau jour, with texts by Samuel Beckett.

His works have been performed at various festivals of contemporary music, including: Festival Ensemblia (Mönchengladbach), Rassegna di Nuova Musica (Rome), Musikprotokoll (Graz), Aspekte (Salzburg), Festival Spazio-Musica (Cagliari), Antidogma Musica (Turin), Rassegna di Nuova Musica (Macerata), Wien Modern (Vienna), Venice Biennial, Milano-Musica Festival, etc. Numerous works have also been performed in Italy, Netherlands, Germany, USA, Japan, Korea, Mexico and Australia, played on the RAI National Radio and several other countries, and reproduced on CD (in Italy, Holland, Germany).

Aside from composition, in 1980 he founded the School of Music Hall of Suzzara, teaching music and training in environmental ‘confrenze’ music based on ‘musical hearing’.