Matthew Ricketts is a Canadian composer currently based in New York City. His music moves from extremes of presence and absence, from clamor to quietude, at once reticent and flamboyant. Matthew’s music has been noted for its “effervescent and at times prickly sounds” and “hypnotically churning exploration of melody” (ICareIfYouListen) as well as its “tart harmonies and perky sputterings” (The New York Times). He is a 2019 Guggenheim Fellow.

 October 24-27 | Calgary New Music Festival

Summer Line

In Summer Line, Ricketts employs a delicate balance of tonality and chromaticism, as well as a gradual expansion of dynamic range to create varying degrees of musical texture.  This leads the listener through a range of musical intensity, from calm and serene, to more passionate and at times even aggressive.