Gianetta BarilThoughts of the harp conjure images of flowing rivers, wispy clouds and heavenly creatures. But what is its real range of possibility, musically, emotionally? What of buzzing insects or a raging bull? Award-winning harpist extraordinaire Gianetta Baril has dedicated her extensive career to transforming the perceptions of her beloved instrument. Central to this programme is R. Murray Schafer’s ground-breaking 1979 masterpiece ”The Crown of Ariadne”, for solo harp and percussion. In “Raga” by Canadian composer Caroline Lizotte, Gianetta will be joined by former student Scott Ross-Molyneux who will also perform his own composition, “Journey’s End” for harp and electronics. The evening is completed with works by Spanish-American harpist/composer Carlos Salzedo and the world-premiere of “Labyrinth” by Canadian composer, Nova Pon.

May 5, 2016

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