A pianist by training and a self-taught improviser, François Rossé studied at conservatories in Strasbourg, Nancy and then at the Conservatoire de Paris (1974-1980). A pupil of Olivier Messiaen, he also followed the teaching of Betsy Jolas, Ivo Malec and Paul Méfano. Professor of musical analysis at the Conservatoire de Bordeaux (1974-1985), he met Jean-Marie Londeix, who encouraged him to write for the saxophone (Csellaox, 1993). François Rossé develops a poly-cultural musical style, nourished by his encounters and his desire to integrate improvisation and music of oral traditions. He writes for professionals but also pupils and for very different instrumentation: solo instruments, chamber works, symphonic, voice, choirs, and unspecified instrumentation. He is a lecturer at the Universities of Bordeaux, Lille, Strasbourg and IRCAM. He works to develop improvisation studies in music departments and regularly performs as a pianist-improviser, especially with flutist Mixel Etxekopar.

 October 24-27 | Calgary New Music Festival

Mod’Son 7

“This quartet dates back to the 1980s, a time when I was attracted to the origin of things, in the report of human to sound, for example, the forms of energy are very dense at times like some African rituals; relaxed writing allows interpreters a more physical fusion while performing, much like a ritual about human energy through sound expression…”

– François Rossé–Oct 2019