The Proteus Saxophone Quartet is named after the god of the sea, modular and versatile, they explore the numerous instrumental combinations of the saxophone family through the creation and performance of chamber music. Since forming in 2011 in Paris, these four Canadian saxophonists are committed to presenting live, energetic and diverse concerts and have performed together across Canada, the USA and France for events such as the North American Saxophone Alliance Biennial and Regional Conferences (Urbana-Champaign, Calgary, Saskatoon), the World Saxophone Congress (Strasbourg), the Strata New Music Festival (Saskatoon), Oak Bay Music (Victoria) and “The Proms” at the Third Ave Centre (Saskatoon). Without adhering to a singular aesthetic or stylistic genre, Proteus promotes collaboration with diverse artists in an attempt to advance new works for saxophone quartet, often featuring guest artists. They are interested in working together with composers or performers throughout the creation process, currently having worked with composers Justin Boechler, John Celona, Robert Lemay, Denis Levaillant and Alex.

As educators, Proteus has performed school concerts and University masterclasses as part of their ongoing commitment to work with and promote chamber music to students. Often changing saxophones or staging during concerts, they benefit from these pauses by speaking to and connecting with their audiences by explaining concepts, ideas and working relationships which contribute to the compositions and aimed at enhancing the concert experience.

Proteus is proud to announce that they have been selected as guest touring artists with Prairie Debut to tour across the prairie provinces during the 2017-18 season. They will be performing for the Manitoba Arts Network Showcase in Morden, Manitoba in October 2016 in preparation for this tour.


 October 27, 2019 | Calgary New Music Festival