In the music of Madeleine Isaksson, the relationship between different sonorous sources, that which separates them and that which causes them to blend together, are in the foreground. Her basic frameworks can be described as different forms of space: those of interval, register, and time – where the material is developed through contrasting terms such as light/dark, weightless/heavy, from/to… Returning melodic cells are made smaller and larger, together forming a sort of patterned web which always are related to a perceptible, sometimes hidden, elastic pulse. “There is something going on, something that has matured and that expresses itself in a musical form.” The quote is telling, and is applicable not only to the individual works, but also to Madeleine Isaksson’s whole attitude towards creation as an organic development from spaces and shifts.

Performance: Make a Noise! Meitar Ensemble | October 19, 2017