Premieres By Calgary Composers

Tale of M’Whell – Composed by Alice Ho

December 11, 2014
CMC premiere
Ensemble Resonance

I close my ears, my eyes, my mouth – Composed by Lesley Hinger

Saturday November 21, 2009
Eckhardt-Gramatte Hall, Rozsa Centre, University of Calgary
Recording: Mark Ellestad, Hexagon Studios, Calgary

My eyes are useless, for they render back only the image of the known. My whole body must become a constant beam of light, moving with an ever greater rapidity, never arrested, never looking back, never dwindling. The city grows like a cancer; I must grow like a sun. The city eats deeper and deeper into the red; it is an insatiable white louse which must die eventually of inanition. I am going to starve the white louse which is eating me up. I am going to die as a city in order to become again a man. Therefore I close my ears, my eyes, my mouth. ~ Henry Miller

Three Sacred SongsSean Clarke

The text is drawn from anonymous lyrics dating from the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.

Myrie it is whil somer ylast
Wyth foweles song;
But now neigheth wyndes blast
And weder strong.
Ei! Ei! What, this nyght is long,
And I wyth wel muchel wrong
Sorwe and murne and faste.

Stedefast crosse, among all other
Thou art a tree mickle of price;
In branch and flower swilk another
I ne wot none in wood no rys,
Sweete be the nailes and sweete be the tree,
And sweeter be the burden that hanges upon thee.

Nou goth sonne under wode –
Me reweth, Marie, thi faire rode.
Nou goth sonne under tre-
Me reweth, Marie, thi sone and the.

Kiss Around the World (2009)Aaron Gervais

Kiss Around the World was commissioned by New Works Calgary and the Canada Council for the Arts for Ensemble Resonance. It is the second Around the World piece that I have written, taking a single word—in this case kiss—and presenting it in a wide variety of languages.

The idea of kissing takes on very different connotations in different languages, and I wanted to find a connotation that was as universal as possible. Therefore, in Kiss Around the World I decided to focus on the idea of the nurturing kiss, the kiss a parent would give a child. This was the most universal use of kissing I came across. Romantic kissing, which is what I initially thought would make the best focus, is not universal. It did not exist in much of Asia before the arrival of the Europeans; Koreans and Japanese actually use a modified form of the English word for romantic kissing.

Musically, Kiss Around the World is made up of a series of short sound units, usually one per word, that are arranged and developed into a lyrical, flowing texture. Being a composer obsessed with fragmentation and contrast, this was a novel and stimulating challenge for me that grew out of the theme of the piece and the musical materials at hand. The result is a soothing, gentle piece that has certain aspects of a lullaby, all the while employing the collage/mosaic techniques that are the hallmarks of my style. There is even a little collage surprise at the end of the piece . . .