ensemble mosaik was founded in 1997 by young instrumentalists and composers in Berlin and has developed, as an especially multifaceted and adventurous experimental formation, into one of Germany’s most renowned ensembles for contemporary music. Its recognized high quality is not just based on its individual musicians’ outstanding talent. Most of them are founding members, enabling them to create a profiled and unique body of sound in a long-term, intense cooperation.

ensemble mosaik’s interest lies in the diversity as well as research into – and continued development of – contemporary music’s aesthetic concepts and forms of presentation. Particular emphasis is placed on collaboration with young, often unknown composers and on an egalitarian working method. Close exchange between all the protagonists involved in a concert project is a preferred strategy; by opening up the work processes, creativity is concentrated and intensified. Additional emphases in the ensemble’s artistic work lie in dealing with digital media in the fields of composition, interpretation and sound creation, as well as approaching performance practice in new ways – for example, by including scenic and visual elements in concert projects and testing new concert forms.

ensemble mosaik

The ensemble has been working with numerous composers for many years, thus making it possible to develop music over the long-term in a collective process. Multiple works have been written for ensemble mosaik. Over 150 world premieres are in its repertoire.

ensemble mosaik develops thematic programs and concert series that reflect individual works in an overall context, focus current trends and test new ideas. In doing so, the concerts themselves turn into experimental setups, often beyond the contemporary music mainstream while crossing the borders to visual and performing arts. In its two-part concert series audible interfaces, for example, the ensemble investigates the functions and consequences of applying computers to digital sound creation and reproduction in the creative process of composition and interpretation. The serien/studien/etüden series brought the composers’ studios and experimental spaces on stage, and the three-year project open_sources turned the open source principle as a participatory compositional process into a musical program. Recently, the ensemble focused on traditional concert rituals by including visual aspects of a live concert in the design of the program and its performance in the Sichtbare Musik concert series. The ensemble celebrated its 15th anniversary with the two-day concert project perspective matters in December 2012. It tests and stages the possibilities of different listening perspectives in a musical, visual and dramaturgic approach in cooperation with the film artist duo Distruktur and the director Thomas Fiedler.

In addition to the thematic programs, ensemble mosaik realizes music theater productions in which work with electronic and visual media plays a major role – as in Die Schachtel – pantomime with music by Franco Evangelisti; Interzone (world premiere), songs & images by Enno Poppe, Marcel Beyer and Anne Quirynen; or Kommander Kobayashi and ScreamQueen in cooperation with the Berlin-based independent opera company NOVOFLOT. Selected artists are presented extensively in portrait concerts, such as Enno Poppe, Orm Finnendahl, Gösta Neuwirth, Rebecca Saunders, Sebastian Claren, Uros Rojko, Liza Lim and Harald Muenz.

ensemble mosaik has played in Europe and worldwide at many of the most important festivals for contemporary music, among them the Donaueschinger Musiktage, Wien Modern, the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival and Warsaw Autumn, the festivals UltraSchall, MaerzMusik and the Klangwerkstatt in Berlin, the Kunstfest Weimar, Musik der Jahrhunderte in Stuttgart and musica viva in Munich. It has appeared on stage at ULTIMA Oslo and the Time of Music Festival in Viitasaari, Novembermusic in Hertogenbosch and the Dialoge Salzburg.

Concert tours have brought the ensemble to Italy, Greece, Spain, Sweden, Hungary, Ukraine and Israel as well as Mexico, Argentina, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The ensemble has received many advancement awards from the Ernst-von-Siemens-Musikstiftung and played award-winner concerts for the Boris Blacher and Busoni composition prizes. Numerous radio recordings document its work.

CDs have been published by Schott, col legno, Kairos, wergo, NMC Recordings and the edition rz, among others.


ensemble mosaik consists of Enno Poppe (conductor), Bettina Junge (flute), Simon Strasser (oboe), Christian Vogel (clarinet), Martin Losert(saxophone), Ernst Surberg (piano), Roland Neffe (percussion), Chatschatur Kanajan (violin), Karen Lorenz (viola), Mathis Mayr (cello) and Daniel Plewe (music director)

February 8, 2017 @ 7:30 pm

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