Sunita LeGallou is a self-taught abstract artist, using intuitive mark-making to chart her emotional response to music. She’s performed  live onstage alongside musicians and orchestras, most often along with contemporary classical. She also keeps sketchbooks  and illustrated journals during her travels, most recently 6 months of #vanlife in New Zealand.

Sunita’s first trunk novel was about an artist’s frustrated muse, stuck inside someone’s head and plotting escape. Currently, she is working on a modern-but-magical retelling of Pride and Prejudice.

She has been a biologist, a project manager, and an organizational development specialist, working in environmental and engineering project management. Currently, she’s excited about science communication – explaining how the science works, and why it matters, and interested in technology, philosophy, the natural world and their implications to human lives and stories.

Event: 2019 Calgary New Music Festival | Timepoint Ensemble