ArtioThe name Artio is derived from the Celtic word for “bear,” and was the name of a Gallo-Roman goddess who often took the form of a bear. She represented creative, bold and emergent abundance — all qualities that describe the singers who make up Mount Royal Artio and what we do.

Artio specializes in choral music that is distinct, demanding, diverse and innovative. We explore a variety of genres from early music through to innovative creations being crafted by today’s composers. We re-imagine and re-invent music of the past and embrace the avant-garde music of tomorrow as we continually seek to push the boundaries of choral music and performance.

Mount Royal Artio presents a final choral music performance each year that fuses music with innovative ideas and other art forms — “choral theatre” performances that highlight our season and give our audiences exciting new performance presentations that draw upon the talent and imagination of our members.

If you are imaginative and keen to explore music and art in a variety of forms, explore membership in Mount Royal Artio.

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May 1, 3 pm
Michelangelo Gallery of Fine Art