As a leader in Calgary’s new music community, New Works Calgary work extends beyond our mainstage season of concerts.

New Works Calgary is proud to announce the redevelopment of the ‘Composer in the Classroom’ educational outreach program, in partnership with composer, Rebecca Bruton!

We are excited to offer students & participants the opportunity to learn about reading, improvising, performing, and composing contemporary music in a fun, exploratory, and low pressure setting!

We hope to expose students & participants to contemporary music through topics including notation, composition, improvisation, the role of performer and composer, and listening to and analyzing music. We also aim to allow students & participants to be creators, consumers and critics of contemporary music.

Through Composer in the Classroom, we hope to foster curiosity and creativity in young people; encouraging them to think outside the box, and to understand that anything is possible where music is concerned! 

This is a free program offered to students & participants of all ages and any level of musical proficiency! The workshop has been designed with 45 minute blocks in mind; however, it can be easily modified to fit your schedule.

For bookings & inquiries, please contact!