New Works Calgary "Make a Noise" new music festival 2017

Raylene Campbell

Raylene Campbellsoundwalk is a walk with a focus on listening to the environment. Canadian sound artist Raylene Campbell will lead a group of listeners on an exploration of the sounds of Inglewood on the morning of Sunday, October 22. Starting from Festival Hall, the soundwalkers will sample the diverse soundscapes of this Calgary neighbourhood, from the busy main street to the Bow River nearby, from the lilt of birds and trees at the Bird Sanctuary to the cacophony of the train yards. An opportunity to open one’s ears to the rich symphony around us.

Join Raylene Campbell for a Soundwalk (and coffee) on Sunday morning! Raylene will lead a few Deep Listening exercises at Festival Hall to assist participants in warming-up and opening their ears, followed by a slow and easy sonic exploration of the Inglewood neighbourhood. The group will return to Festival Hall at the conclusion of the Soundwalk for a brief discussion, allowing participants to share their experiences. Soundwalks often provide people with the opportunity to take time out of their busy lives to bring their attention to listening, and they often become aware of new aspects of their every-day environment through this listening experience. It can be, for some, a very profound experience. Raylene has led several Soundwalks and Deep Listening workshops throughout her career and looks forward to sharing her passion for listening and acoustic ecology with Calgarians and festival participants.

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