2009-2010 Season

New Adventures in Sound Art

Multi-channel soundscape and electroacoustic compositions by Hildegard Westerkamp (Vancouver), David Eagle (Calgary), Darren Copeland (Toronto), and David Berezan (Manchester, UK). A 12-channel sound projection system will be used to create an immersive sonic environment, with loudspeakers suspended above and around the audience. Visiting composers Darren Copeland and David Berezan will be on hand to meet with the audience, discuss their music and ideas, and interpret their works in concert.

Featuring a new sonic art work by David Eagle (Calgary) Passages & Scenes, Reflection and Memory, “exploring aspects of change in the Canadian west.”

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Eckhardt-Gramatté Hall, Rozsa Centre, University of Calgary
8:00 pm, pre-concert talk at 7:15 pm

Darren Copeland Rights of the Child  news and voices of youth around the world filtered through techniques of sound art
Hildegard Westerkamp Für Dich – For You  based on the poem Liebes-Lied by Rainer Maria Rilke and its newest translation into English, Love Song, by Canadian poet and writer Norbert Ruebsaat.
David Berezan Nijō  based on sounds from wooden temple floors in Kyoto, Japan
David Eagle Passages and Scenes, Reflection and Memorya sonic art work exploring aspects of change in the Canadian west  (Alberta Creative Development Initiative Projec